Economic Development

MISSION: The mission of the Fort Madison Economic Development Corporation (FMEDC) is to retain, stimulate and facilitate targeted high-wage, high growth business investments that will create quality employment opportunities, diversity and grow the economic base of the area.  Enhance the quality of place by taking a supporting role in commercial, residential and tourism development.

VISION: The vision of the Fort Madison Economic Development Corporation (FMEDC) sees Fort Madison as a healthy and prosperous community that has a high quality of life, a sustainable environment, a wealth of personal and professional opportunities, and a strong capacity for economic growth created by and for the people who live and work here.

The Fort Madison Economic Development Corporation has three strategic goals:

  • Retain and create primary and secondary jobs in Fort Madison whic=h generate new earnings and capital investment.
  • Sustain public-private partnerships that provide leadership, involvement and investment for economic development in Fort Madison.

Economic development may be defined as a process by which a community creates, retains and reinvests wealth and improves the quality of life.

  • Strengthen and maximize relationships between Fort Madison and its local, regional, state and federal partners which create the infrastructure for community and economic development.


President’s Letter to Member/Investors

FMEDC Member/Investor brochure